~Married in Playa Negra~

"Liquid weddings organized our entire wedding to perfection.   We have to admit we were a bit nervous because our wedding party was a bit larger than most beach weddings (around 80 people).  

We also had a lot going on: finding hotels and houses for everyone and planning 3 events (a welcome party, beach ceremony and reception) and all the flowers, music (2 bands and a DJ!), food and venues that go along with this.  We had to accommodate the needs of both US-based guests (mainly high strung people from NYC) and Costa Ricans from San Jose. Yet everything was spectacularly executed beautifully, even going beyond our expectations.  
Laura is very accommodating to individual couples’ needs.  She took both of our personalities and desires, as well as our budget, into consideration and “harmonized” them beautifully. She is very empathetic to the neuroses that often plague couples during the wedding planning process, especially when you are planning a wedding from afar.   Her eye for details and design is particularly impressive.  She also works with a host of local talented individuals, from floral designers to hotels to DJs who helped make the day very special.   

However, the real strength of Liquid Weddings is their execution.  In a relaxed place like Costa Rica, getting things done on time and how you want them can be vexing; (control freaks be warned).   Despite the distance of our wedding from the main city of Tamarindo, Liquid was able to organize the transport of flowers, musicians, and food flawlessly.  The real testimonial to their skills however is the fact that all the guests (both Ticos and gringos) have told us that it was the best wedding they have ever attended and have asked us for an encore!
Ignacio and Marisa"   



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