~Married in Playa Jaco Area~

“We used Liquid’s services for our wedding and only wished we had found them earlier.  Our wedding hosted approx 125 guests from all over the world so it was important that everyone have a wonderful time after traveling all the way to Costa Rica.  
Laura and Philine were a tremendous help and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.  They really took care of all the little details that I hadn’t even thought about as well as any last minute things that came up.  
Both Laura and Philine were very knowledgeable and always available.  It is difficult planning a wedding abroad and Liquid helped out with doing the legwork that was needed when planning regardless of its locale.  Whether it was meeting with the individuals at the reception venue, meeting with the florist to go over the arrangements, making sure the seating was the way I wanted it, or making sure that the colors selected looked perfect together all the way down to ensuring that the ribbons on the chairs were tied how I asked… Liquid was truly on top of it. 
Our ceremony took place at a church and the rehearsal would have been a nightmare had Liquid not been there to facilitate it all when the priest failed to show up! Laura was able to get everyone’s attention and organize it in a way so that everyone knew what they would be doing the following day. 
All in all we had the BEST time at our wedding and I was able to enjoy it all because Liquid Weddings was their taking care of everything. 
Congratulations and Good Luck!
Amy Moustafa"

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