~Married in Playa Herradura~

"We had both our wedding and rehearsal dinner at Playa Herradura and Liquid Weddings handled both events.  To give you an idea of the size of our party, we had between 70-80 guests attending both events.  First and foremost, the services of Laura and Kristina on the "day of" both events, as well as the final outcome exceeded both Andres's and my expectations.  We really and truly couldn't have asked for more.

 One of our biggest difficulties in the beginning was the fact that we couldn't be as hands on as we would have been if the wedding were taking place here in Miami.  However, Laura and her team truly heard our ideas of our perfect wedding week and went above and beyond those to make it happen.

On the day of our arrival, which was a Monday (the wedding was a Friday we met with Laura and Kristina and after tying up some minor loose ends they promised that we would not have to worry about anything else for the rest of the week and that was the truth!  We were able to enjoy everything as if we were guests at the wedding.

It was a little hard to adjust to the "Costa Rican" way of doing things, however, during our events we understood why; during that week we were the ONLY client that was important and Liquid took the absolute best care of us.  At both events we truly witnessed all the months of hard work they put into it.

We fount that the music and flower prices were extremely reasonable and both turned out to be amazing!  For the music, we had everything from a DJ to Mariachi and everything was great!  Laura found us a great DJ and with some direction from us, she customized a few playlists to fit every type of music style  our families had.  The flowers were alsovery fresh and plentiful on the day of both events.  And actuallyfor both the design of flowers and centerpieces, I gave Laura very little direction of what I wanted.  I really just showed her a few pictures of what I liked, so she could get an idea of my style and again, I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.

Overall, we felt that Liquid Weddings was extremely fair to us.  We can honestly say that if we could do it all over again, we would do it the exact same way, no changes...except the video without a question we would have gone ahead and gotten [a videographer]!

Best Regards and good luck with all the planning!

Lauren and Andres"

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