~Married in Playa Conchal~

"We don't even know where to start describing out amazing wedding experience in Costa Rica!  We would not have been able to do anything without the help of Laura Sibley and Philine Nugteren of Liquid Weddings.  They are two amazing women who made our dream come true.  Our wedding took place...in Playa Conchal, Guanacaste.  It is a gorgeous beach with white sand and sea shells.  Laura and Philine made sure that everything was perfect for that day.  From the flowers, the pictures, the dinner, the cake, the music and the butterflies!  Every detail was handled with lots of professionalism and we are happy to say that our wedding was beyond our expectations.  Our photographer...was very good.  We definitely recommend Liquid Weddings for any future bride and groom to be." 


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