~Married in Langosta~


"Thanks for working with us on the budget and making sure to apply your creative touch to make everything look beautiful.

Day of the wedding staff-Thanks for all your help!!!  ...Bartender, photographer, caterer [and] florist everything was great!

Caterers-The food was delicious!  Everyone was raving about how good everything tasted and how beautiful it was presented.

Bartender-More than I had expected...he went above and beyond to make sure that everyone was getting what they needed.  I thought he would be a typical bartender and hang out behind the bar, but it was a very nice touch to see him going around and taking peoples' orders.

Photographer-I haven't even seen the pictures yet, but I was very impressed with overall attitude and enthusiasm.  I know they will be great.

Liquid 'people'-It is very clear to us that you guys enjoy and take pride in your work.  It really comes through in the overall package.  We were super stressed out before meeting with Laura the first day we arrived in Costa Rica.  [After meeting with her] we were able to relax for a few days knowing that she was working her magic for us.  The lever of service we received from your company and all of the vendors that you setup far exceeded our expectations.

I came back from our honeymoon and besides wishing we hadn't left Costa Rica, shared our experiences with friends and co-workers.  My manager was so impressed with everything that he asked me for contact information for Liquid Weddings, because his brother just got engaged and they were looking at doing a destination wedding." 


"I was so nervous during this process, not being able to see or meet with Laura, because I was in the US and she was in Costa Rica, I felt like I had no control, the great part is that Laura did and because of her great expertise put together the best wedding I have ever attended.  My friends and family were floored and for her to do it on an ever shrinking budget was just incredible.  I can't say enough great things about Liquid Weddings as well as Casa Doshack, everything was what I wanted my wedding to be, fun casual and most importantly memorable."

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