~Married in Playa Langosta~

“Every detail was completed to perfection and as a result the wedding was amazing!   

There are many things we are thankful to Laura and Philine of Liquid Weddings for, here's a list just to name a few:

First, the venue recommendation was everything we had hoped for with Tui & Ashton making our stay completely over the top.  Thank you! 

Second, Laura with all your artistic ability you put together the most amazing flower arrangements imaginable.  Thank you! 

Philine your hard work and follow through from beginning to end was fantastic. I never thought an elopement wedding would take so much work, but because of you everything came off without a glitch.  Thank you! 

Also thank you both for your kindness in showing us around and explaining some of the local customs. It helped us to fully immerse ourselves into Costa Rica and all the rich life that this beautiful country has to offer.  

We feel we've made friends for life and can't wait until we meet up with you ladies next year!  The list of thanks just keep growing and growing.
For anyone reading this wondering about Costa Rica and Liquid Weddings, I say, 'Nathan and I had the very best time imaginable. There has never been a bride or groom that had less worries or stress on their wedding day.  This was only possible because of the level of care and service Philine and Laura provided!  We got to start our marriage off blessed with happiness, goodness, and pure fun.  These memories will last a lifetime.  What more could a person ask for?  We recommend these ladies to everyone that asks about our experience and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives because that's how great they made our wedding and honeymoon in Costa Rica!”
Clay and Nathan Davis

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